Saturday, 30 March 2013

Visit to Fraser Hill

Alhamdulillah semasa mid-term break baru-baru ni, saya berkesempatan pergi jalan-jalan ke Bukit Fraser yang terletak antara sempadan Pahang dan Selangor (tak silap saya). Sebenarnya, masa cuti tu, saya mengikut seorang kawan balik ke rumahnya di Batang Kali, Selangor (dekat dengan Kuala Kubu Bharu). Kawan tu nama Khairiah.

Kisahnya bermula bila mak ayah Khai ajak pergi ke majlis perkahwinan anak kepada kawan ayah Khai dekat Raub. So bila nak ke Raub tu, ayah Khai guna jalan lama yang lalu Bukit Fraser, tak guna jalan baru yang lalu Gombak dan Genting Sempah. Kiranya first time juga saya lalu jalan lama tu and first time juga saya pergi ke Bukit Fraser. Hehe.

At first, I'd not expected to go to Fraser Hill and not hoped for it because I thought Khai's dad must be very tired to drive to Raub. Furthermore, the old road is a zigzag-shaped and I can say, whoever are not having good stamina, will easily feel tired especially on their hands because of driving on this such road. But, the thing I like about that road is there are a lot of beautiful sceneries to see along the road since there are a lot of plants, flowers and many other beautiful creatures of Allah along them.

And, after we went to the wedding and decided to back home, then suddenly Khai's dad told us to bring us to the Fraser Hill. Thus, certainly, Khai and me were very happy to hear that. Khai's dad said, since we were on that road and the daytime was still early, so we just took the opportunity to go there.

And when we reached Fraser Hill (at the peak), the cold climate can be felt. And at that time, I could feel like I was in Kundasang, Sabah as there was also cold as well. But, the difference I could see that the hill was more likely a 'little England of Malaysia' while Kundasang was more likely a 'little New Zealand of Malaysia'. Hehe. That is what I saw and valued them.

Seriously, there were a lot of buildings whereby their designs were belonged to England people. And these things were not big surprised because British had colonized our country a long time ago. And, there were many beautiful flowers too. Therefore, Khai and me took many pictures over there.

me ^_^

snap picture in front of clock

There a lot more pictures we took actually, but enough la only these two pic I put here. As our memories. There are other beautiful places you can find there like Allan's water. This place is a lake and many people go there to row small boat. And there was a history of that lake. But we just saw the lake from far and not went into the lake area. And I think, after this, I make a wish to bring my family to visit Fraser Hill one day (after I get job and have my own money). ^_^

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